Wednesday, December 27, 2006

DIY Haircut

Actually, I handed the razor over to Alex and let him clip my hair to about 4 centimeters. It was a bit shocking to see the hair fall, but my life is a lot easier without the tangled, damaged mess I called hair before. Fresh start.

click on the pic for the results

Friday, December 22, 2006

eyes ahead

In the time since Mom & Dad M.'s visit, nothing much has changed. Well the weather's changed a bit, but we've not been buried in snow like we were this time last year. It's a shame, because the temples look their most serene under thick white blankets as the monks wander the grounds in their warmest hanboks.

As we approach our last two months here, it's dawned on me that
1. we're approaching our last two months here and
2. we've a lot of things to think about and do in the next two months.

I had sort of forgotten the chore of relocating overseas; deciding what to send home, taking the time to properly thank and visit with friends and those who have become like family, to see and do the things we still want to and revisit the things we enjoy. Regardless of the fact that I cannot wait to see my family, Korea has become a part of me and I will miss it greatly. Even in the most trying of times, this country has still offered enough kindness, curiosity, and exuberance to make staying an amazing adventure. I didn't mention the food, but that's a given by this point, right?

While trying to come to terms with all the tasks that already lay before us, our eyes shift westward. That's right, westward and south. Vietnam. The country I've wanted to visit since 11 years old, and now the tickets are bought. It's like a dream. From March 15 to April 11, we'll be on the trails and rails of the "Land of Ascending Dragon". Needless to say, it's been hard to manage my daydreaming lately. I'm so easily distracted by travel books and planning.

That's about it for now. Please be sure to check out our Flickr photos, past and present.

Happy Holidays & much love from a2-in-gwangju!