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Jeju-do Pictures

As some of you know, we recently took a trip to Korea's Emerald Isle, Jeju-do. We were hoping for some R & R on the beautiful beaches, and maybe some hiking on the volcano Hallasan, BUT the weather conspired against us.

We flew onto Jeju-do as a large typhoon was beginning to churn through the straits of Japan and Korea, so we didn't need suntan lotion or bathing suits. We were still able to see the island's most famous waterfall, Jeongbang, and enjoyed the sound of an angry sea on lava boulders.

For My Mom

. . . and this time I didn't dye the bathroom any strange colors!

Love is . . .

"More marriages might survive if the partners realized that sometimes the better comes after the worse."*
It was the ultimate convergence of being ill-equipped and ill-prepared that led to this moment. Sore muscles and joints creaking to a halt where we could only assume was not anywhere near the end of our trail, my parents’ voices in my head rattling off the checklist of a successful, or at least smart, adventurer. Yet here we were, in the pitch black of a forested mountainside on an unfamiliar trail with one working flashlight (one busted flashlight) and an uncertain number of miles left to go.
The courses on the northwestern face of Mt. Mudeung (무등산) are among the most beautiful but least traversed on the mountain. The early climb is a steep, wide, well-marked affair “paved” with large rocks and tree roots for footholds. The later paths, however, are not for the weak of heart or body. Rarely marked trails wind over jagged ravines of boulders, narrow ledges coupled wi…

Land of the Morning Calm

Photographs of our most recent expedition, sunrise atop Mt. Mudeung.  This trip was an impromptu one.  We set out in the late afternoon, and after biking up some significant slopes, began our hike.  After a restless slumber awaiting the sunrise, we were rewarded some fantastic vistas. All in all, we hiked and biked a total of  58 km.  A mountain sunrise is always worth it.