Monday, May 12, 2008

i quit.

Seriously, the restaurant job I took in February to make the ends meet. . . was officially given notice yesterday. I feel 20 pounds lighter already. And just so I don't appear irresponsible, I have an interview tomorrow with Outdoor Research. Keep your fingers crossed or perform whatever job-mojo ritual you have on my behalf.

Alex turned 29 on May 6, and for those of you not yet "in the know", was promoted to shift supervisor at Starbucks. Not sure where all that's going, but for the moment, it appears up. Happy-Happy!

I turn 31 tomorrow. You can leave your condolences below in the comments section.

A HAPPY MOM DAY to all Mother's in the world . . . better late than never, eh?

Lastly, a2 would like to that Mom & Dad Martin for the lovely weekend in Chicago/Bloomington for Tim's graduation from Wesleyan (CONGRATS TIM!). We had an excellent time.