Monday, January 21, 2008

first seattle post

Besides my unemployment, our transition to Seattle has been lacking the stress that usually accompanies upheaval. The sun was stretching out across an empty sky when we landed at Sea-Tac. A sight that my brother said was rare this time of year. We ate a big breakfast, planned our way through most of the week, and then napped.

After a rainy Monday spent cleaning and ripping out the grotesque contact paper from the kitchen cabinets, our relocube arrived on another unseasonably sunny day. The total time it took to move our belongings from the cube to our apartment floor . . . 1 hour. It was an impressive feat made possible with the help of Justin and a very friendly ABF employee.

After one week and a trip to IKEA, our apartment is coming together better than either of us anticipated. Check out the dining area below. Isn’t that table about the awesomest thing you’ve ever seen?!!?!


More pictures on our flickr page, just click here.
First week shout-outs: Thanks to Justin and Andrea for all your help!