Sunday, May 29, 2011

Happy Ending... for now.

Okay. This blog is officially wrapped.  I left the text for a read.  I closed my Flickr, because like most things, it has gone untouched in about a year.  Lots of photos be gone (cause they were from back in the day when Blogger didn't have it's own photo server-blah-blah thingy), which will make for some bizarre posts since some were photo only.   I'm sorry.  :(   

I am going to be blogging, again. But currently have my hands full with trying to build my design portfolio, and um, going to Korea with our son for 7 weeks while the husband studies at Yonsei University. 

The long/short of it?  I will post a link here to my new blog when I get to it, which will likely be August.  I'm sorry for the delay.  It will totally be worth it, though.

For now, use this to distract yourself: