Justin Was Here & Now . . .

Well, it’s been quite some time since I last made an effort at this blog. It’s not because I haven’t wanted to, there are plenty of irons in the fire.

my brother, Justin
Justin’s visit was excellent. For Alex and I, it was a revitalizing experience being able to introduce someone to how our lives had changed so much in the past 1.5+ years. Alas, one week isn’t adequate time to do everything we wanted, but we made the best of it. a2’s favorite aspect of his stay was the culinary adventures that he was none to shy about. He ate everything we put in front of him, and we were able to experience some dishes we hadn’t. Sadly, he didn’t enjoy the silkworm larvae that I have become so fond of, but we both agreed whole-heartedly on the deep fried baby crabs. Delicious, shells and all.
bamboo forests of Damyang
carved bamboo in Damyang
bamboo graffiti, damyang

jet-lagged and playing padook. 

Besides Korean cuisine, we dipped our toes into the insanity that is the drinking culture where Justin discovered the time-honored toast of “Bottom’s up!”, and a trip to a Noraebang (singing room). While he didn't choose to sing, I'm sure the entertainment of watching others was quite enough.

action pose: sight seeing

action pose: mart shopping
NSeoul Tower at night
Sunset from NSeoul Tower
Night view on Namsan
His vacation wound to a close on a rainy day, and a hasty trip to the airport. While in Seoul we managed to visit the touristy landmark of N Seoul Tower for views of the city at night as well as a traditional Irish pub called O’Kim’s where we were entertained by a lounge duo
from Bulgaria called “Vixen’s Duo”.

From Bulgaria. Best enjoyed over $14 Guiness drafts.

It was so nice to see a familiar and family face. The week afterward was quite an adjustment that has now found us counting the days until we see Alex's parents (16 days, 19 hours, 50 minutes).


Anonymous said…
let's see if alex's parent are up to culinary adventrues. can't wait to see you guys.
love, mom m.

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