Thursday, March 24, 2005

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well, it’s been a crazy few days. for starters, i am unemployed early (i quit) . . . i chalk it up to a series of misadventures, and sometimes things happen for the better. the devastating side effect of all that mess has been my sudden realization of how much i have to do. and then . . .

my plane ticket came. it’s a weird sensation to look at this ticket if only for the reason that it’s one-way. i stared at the destination, trying to envision places I was familiar with traveling to. i thought, if i can see a tree, or a street, or a roadside vegetable stand, it will take the edge off. needless to say, my imagination allowed for a toothless vendor at a veggie stand, but reality made that vendor a tiny, old korean man selling kimchi. it was about that moment i became okay with it all. mostly because the little old man smiled, and I was hungry. meanwhile, back in korea . . .

Alex made his trip to Osaka, Japan for a visa yesterday. it was a quick day trip, mildly stressful, and he called me at 6:45am this morning to say he’d made it back to Seoul in one piece. apparently the turbulance flying off of Osaka is pretty frightening due to mountainous terrain around the city. not a flight for my mom to be on. i have run into some obstacles applying for my visa, but alex assured me (worse case scenario), i could get a travel visa upon landing in Seoul (which is what he did), and then we could take a mini-vacation to Fukuoka for my visa. it only takes 3 business days to get a visa these days! regardless, my goal is to have visa in hand when my plane touches down. then we can take a vacation to Fukuoka that isn’t business.

i’m gonna sign off. i should keep on top of this while the motivation lasts. love you all.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005


this whole thing has been much harder than i anticipated. the separation, the packing, the separation . . . did i mention the separation?

it's difficult to stay focused on tasks at hand. as i whirl around the apartment with boxes, tissue and packing peanuts, i always have one eye trained on the computer hoping to see either a new email or alex online. while i should be trying to get all the necessary paperwork and vaccinations completed, i worry about packing, the cats, whether alex has emailed me or is online. i'm sure you get the picture. i do not recommend this type of separation for anyone. alex and i have agreed, in hindsight, that we would never do this again. not the move itself, the moving separately. oh well, enough of my whining.

i have actually had my first round of vaccinations at Northwestern's Travel Immunization Clinic. they are very informative and helpful. i was happy to hear that i didn't have to get too many shots. the only critical ones are the Hepititis A/B. korea is really a very clean and progressive country, so there are not to many worries. for instance, malaria primarily exists north of seoul, and typhoid is almost non-existent. if we were moving to india or africa, it would be a different story. i couldn't believe the amount of work that needed to be done for those countries (like drinking a live typhoid culture- yick).

today i am putting together a care package for alex, selling stuff on ebay, packing a bit, and trying to find a foster home for our cats until we get back. i have heard too many horror stories about quarantine . . . people saying that their pets are never the same, etc. it's too creepy. i've actually heard of pets dying in transit, too.

i have to sign off now. so much work to do before i go to work. talk to you all soon.

Tuesday, March 8, 2005

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the beginning . . .

two days after alex hopped a flight to seoul/incheon, and i'm miserable. i didn't think i'd be so lonely, even the cats are depressed. we spent saturday with Master Cheon and other students from the martial arts school, taking a long lunch at a Korean BBQ. Master Cheon waxed poetic about the differences we'd encounter, and i thought how odd that at the same time sunday, alex would be gone.

he wrote me a tear-jerker before leaving, and i probably already would've had tears, but this really sealed the deal. "We will be apart in body, but not in soul, every new experience I have will be filled with thoughts of you, of how you would see it, of how we would speak, of how you would make fun of my syrupy sentimentality . . .". can you believe this guy? what a dick.